Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cantare Chorus performance

In April Spencer's community chorus that he sings in traveled to Corvallis to compete in a small ensemble competition. They got to perform in a very old Methodist church in Corvallis. They acoustics were amazing which the kids enjoyed. Here is a slice of their work. I apologize in advance for the camera work.

With three college professors as judges the kids did extremely well. They are judged according to how you should sound for your age level. In this case they are 7th-9th graders. They scored an average of 91 out of 100. They got all I or I+ with I+ being the highest. They were amazing.

I recently went to Spencer's school choir concert and nearly gasped at the lack of discipline and the immaturity of their tone quality. I have worked so long with Cantare (community chorus) as a rehearsal assistant, that I didn't realize how good they really are. I get a little teary eyed listening.

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