Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brea's 12th Birthday surprise in San Francisco

Luckily the weather cooperated at the sun finally poked through by 2pm.
We enjoyed time on the wharf watching the stinky sea lions and eating at Rain Forest cafe.

It makes me think of Rice-a-roni..the San Francisco treat ding, ding. Fun to catch a ride 'board the cable car.

Here is the Chinese square. Several people playing card/board games. I saw no sign of Chinese checkers...kinda disappointing. Our hotel was the one right behind Shane and Brea. We were up several floors to see this view...

Cool huh?! Was fun to stay in and be close to the theater so that we could walk home after we saw Peter Pan. Traffic can be so bad, but we just took an evening stroll. Couldn't see paying those prices very often though...Yikes! Hopefully a great memory was made. Definitely was for me.

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