Monday, December 1, 2008


I know it has been forever. I apologize to the two people who follow my blog. Here is the fourth generation of Thanksgiving eve bread brakers for stuffing. I used to love this job as a child because I pretended it was the sacrament (a titch sacrilidge I know) My girls had so much fun they wanted to do more and more. Grandma would have been so proud.
I was near our Dark Hollow home the other day doing a delivery and I had to capture a picture of Dad's Liquid Ambers. They were the prettiest thing about the now unattended yard. A wave of nostalgia overcame me.
You asked for a "Halley", here you go. She was sitting on neighbor Tim's driveway and I though "Oh how sweet, let me take a picture." Click... "Come on in Halley"...."I can't....I pooped my pants".....Happy feeling gone.
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Kristin said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Kay said...

It's about time Kristin and I were all caught up on your blog!

What's with Halley? Yesterday too?

Rah-amen said...

Haha! Oh, Halley! That's classic. I can't wait to see you and the fam at Christmas!

Will said...

Oh, I'm smiling but feeling bad for you at the same time! This blog is always worth the visit!

Jill said...

Good to see you again! I've missed your posts!