Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What we've been up to...

Wow, I am back to only two in Elementary school. Here is a pic of my pretty school girls. The last two weeks they have treated each other so good. I have been so proud of how they have acted.

Here is a pic of my preschool girl. We did not think she was going to preschool this year until sweet adopted Grandma Jan offered to teach preschool to her and Hope two days a week from 9-12. She used to be a preschool teacher and she has jumped in to this with both feet. Halley came home beaming with excitement today. Prayers of a mother and child answered!

Spencer decided to run Cross Country this year for Hedrick Middle School. He has done well even in this heat. Today was his first meet at Bear Creek Park with five other schools. There were 113 7th and 8th graders and he came in a respectable 61st place. He ran 1.8 miles in 14:54. In this picture he barely edges out an 8th grader in the finish. He has only practiced 3 days so I know he is excited to improve.

Here is a picture of Evan playing with a laundry basket. He has so much fun dumping all of the clean clothes out and either pushing it around, standing on it, sitting in it, or throwing it around. Sometimes he gets an extra burst of energy and throws two around at a time. What a nut. He reminds us of our first dog Gus. In the middle of the night we would hear this bonk..bonk..bonk. Over and over. We got up and found Gus picking up a bucket with his teeth and throwing it...hence the Bonk...bonk..bonk. It used to crack us up listening to it. I'm sure a sentiment our old neighbors didn't share.

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Kay said...

I got to hear how wonderful the first day of Preschool was from Hope this morning. Grandma Jan is absolutely wonderful!!!