Sunday, September 14, 2008


What she has been sayin' lately:

"Oh Man! It smells like a cod fish in here!!!"

"Whatever! I don't even know what you are talking about"

When Shane cleans out a baked potato he calls the skin a birds nest and fills it with butter and cheese. At dinner he asked Halley if she wanted her birds nest. "Nah, give it to the birds"

I have reconsidered posting the last one. You'll have to be a special someone and email me and I might tell ya!
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Jill said...

I highly doubt I'm the special someone but I love hearing what she says so I'd love to hear it anyway!

Will said...

You can ask Kristin, I was in shock when I saw that picture of Halley. She looks so much older (and prettier too)! I'll request the last Halleyism. Send it to my in-laws and I'm sure it will be relayed.

Kathy said...

I knew I loved that Halley girl!