Monday, January 12, 2009

"We're Not Worthy" a total Wayne and Garth voice

Okay so when we were in Portland Shane boss said he would try to get us tickets to the Trail Blazer game. Whatever...if it happened great. He called us back and we met him at the Rose Garden where he got us tickets to a "suite" SWEET! We go up a private elevator with all the other mucky mucks and enter a room with a lounge area for what else...lounging.
Here is Jeeves in the blue taking our "orders". His name isn't really Jeeves but it made my story better. We were sitting in leather seats enjoying the view and had binoculars to spy on all the other hoity toities.

So fun to pretend for a night. This is the coolest pose I could come up with. I was channeling my inner Travolta. To end a fabulous night the Blazers reached 100 points, so we all got chalupas. You quiero Taco Bell!
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LCM said...

Did you watch the game from the bathroom? We watched a Shania Twain concert from an executive suite and I couldn't believe that those execs couldn't miss a second of their games.

Sarah J. said...


Go to this link for the pattern! I know, way cute huh?