Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas in Salt Lake City

After a 16 hour drive (thank you recent snow storm) we arrived in Springville and never had to use chains until 1:30 a.m. getting up Julie's hill to her house. Lame. After church on Sunday we enjoyed a walk through temple square.
Parents needed kids to blow off steam so we took them to a warehouse full of giant blowups. Way cool! Everyone one had so much fun. Gotta love Utah and their multitude of family activities. Shane took a day to take Spencer snowboarding and teach Lindsay Jeanne to ski. They went to Sundance because good ol' Robert Redford offers a serious discount to nurses and other service professionals. I knew I loved that guy for a reason. Most of which are for his performance in this, and this, and most definitely this.
I had to throw this one in...so beautiful. This was Shane and my kids' first experience with Temple Square. A treasure.
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Kristin said...

We love the Kangaroo Zoo too! Although you really have to watch your kids some times. thats how Jason broke his arm. ouch.

Kay said...

Even big kids love Kangaroo Zoo! We had a blast there last time trying to see who could get up and down there big slide the fastest. Colt won, I think I was the slowest, Curses!

Jill said...

Is Kangaroo Zoo in Provo? It looks a lot like the places we used to go in SLC. We keep thinking about opening something like that here -- would you come?

Glad you had such a great trip!!!