Thursday, February 26, 2009

I thought I should report on the recent trip Jeanne and I had in San Diego.

As a Valentine's Day surprise I reserved a night at the Hotel Del Coronado. I have stayed here a few times during our earlier life in Los Angeles, but Jeanne had never had the opportunity. Needless to say it was a wonderful experience. The Hotel Del is 120 years old and still has a cage elevator with an elevator man asking you which floor and pushing the buttons. The grounds were extensive and enjoyable just to walk through.

We enjoyed some time on the beach, which is rated one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the country. They groom it daily to remove all the sea weed and drift wood. We absorbed as much Vitamin D as we could while we watched aircraft carriers and submarines pass by on their way out to maneuvers.
Our room was as antiquated as the hotel, with a view of the ocean. Nothing was included with the room charge. Even a bottle of water was a $7.50 add-on.

We found time for some fun in Sea World. (This time there were no crusts under the car, so we went right in.) It was way different without any kids to enjoy it with, but at least no one coaxed us to sit in the "soak zone". The best news was not having to find a place to stash strollers at each stop.

We have Beluga whales here in Alaska, but dancing with them was a new experience. We totally missed having at least some of the grand kids there, but we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway.

Shamoo was a great as ever I can remember. I don't have room for the hundreds of photos he posed for.
The hotel we stayed at for my meetings was the Inn at Half Moon Bay. While not quite of the same class as the Hotel Del Coronado, the location in San Diego's yacht harbor was plenty impressive. The picture attached shows the view from my meeting room.


Jacque said...

Fun post Dad. The Hotel Del Coronado was used as a model for the Grand Floridian Hotel that is next to the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. I had to do a double take when I saw it on the blog and I hadn't posted it. I am glad you went to Sea World, how fun. Next time sneak up north and do a day at Disneyland.

maria said...

Hi Everyone!
I accidentally happened onto your blog, and was so happy to view your events going on. I thought of you all last week as George and I ate at La Burita and got a hug from Octavio and his wife. It seemed good to have them back at their place. The food was great, as well!!!I'm jealous of Jeanne's trip to SanDiego. Love, Maria